Our Approach


Being a small team, we are able to take a very personal approach, especially on location. As one interviewee said ‘As well as being totally professional, they (Barking Wolf) demonstrated kindness and caring. So much so that when it came time to leave I honestly felt like I was saying cheerio to old friends.’ – Jackie Bowman


Mitchell’s background in creative writing and film means our process is grounded in the narrative. Whether documentary, animation or telling the story of an organisation, the narrative is front of mind from concept, through to delivery.


In order to give each film a unique quality, we create and carry out all work, avoiding stock at all costs. This means our films look and sound different.


Tracey’s use of title sequences and motion graphics draw audiences in with their originality and attention to detail. See an example of her work here.


Tom’s extensive experience in sound design and composition allows us to emphasise key themes and connect emotionally with audiences.

Tracey Kim

Illustrator/Motion Graphics

Tom Allum

Founder/Sound Design

Mitchell Withers



Our Beginnings

Founders, Tom and Mitchell met in late 2007 at a Withers family Christmas.  Tom was dating Mitchell’s cousin at the time and the two soon began talking music.  Mitchell’s band at the time needed a producer and Tom, then studying at WAAPA kindly obliged.  Mitchell’s band disbanded soon after and Mitchell and Tom began writing music together.  Things got obsessive… fast.  With little self control between them, the two began to sacrifice notions of sleep in favour of producing hip-hop beats and ambient soundscapes.  This happened every night for some amount of years.  Along the way, the two also played together in post rock band, Antelope, where ambiences and soundscapes created the basis for much of the material.

Here, Tom and Mitchell would begin to explore using visuals in their live sets as a means of creating a heightened experience.  This was to be the first foray into adding emotional depth to narrative through sound.

With Mitchell’s background in creative writing, the two first looked at spoken word stories, which then partnered with sound design and ultimately grew to full production documentaries.

One day Mitchell and Tom got in a conversation with Mitchell’s father.

‘Why not try and make a business of this?’ he said, with naïve optimism.

And with that, their combined savings and a sense of contrived self-assurance, the boys went out to try and make a living from film.

It wasn’t until 12 months later that during a screening Barking Wolf saw their first client tears. This was the day the true Barking Wolf was born and the possibilities were first realised..